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Oops, You Bought the High

I have seen and heard this many times from new traders. They buy right at or near the high of the day or sell at or near the low of the day and they can’t believe it. Either their emotions or trading strategy had them entering the market at the worst possible price, which is… Read More »


Confirming Quality Entries

In my last article, “Relative to the Trend,” we discussed the use of the Relative Strength Indicator (RSI) as a way to help identify the trend and potential reversals of those trends. I mentioned that most traders and investors improperly use the RSI to receive buy or sell signals. Instead of using the indicator for… Read More »

Real Estate

What are the Skills and Characteristics of a Successful Real Estate Investor?

One of the things I love and admire about our country is that anything is possible. Now it took me a couple of decades to learn that it’s a lot easier to accomplish “anything” if you 1) are passionate about “anything” 2) have some of the natural gifts (skills and characteristics) to accomplish your “anything”… Read More »


Assessing The Aftermath of Brexit

Well it happened after all: Great Britain left the European Union and from this day forward June 24th will be known as Brexit Day, the day when the British population voted to go it alone and forge their very own “Independence Day” of sorts – I wonder where they got that idea from? All jokes aside… Read More »